How we do it?

Important things to know.

We, Virtual Home Video, have prepared the guidelines below to help you preparing the scan session nad to get the best model of the home.

The Process

The Virtual Home Video Scan Technician uses a special motorized camera controlled by an iPad. The camera is placed throughout all rooms of the home. The number of placements can range from as low as 50 to over 200. At each location, the camera rotates 360-degrees, stopping six times to take images and measurements. Each placement takes about 1 minute to complete.

The camera has three separate elements: one looking up, one looking down and one looking straight ahead. The data from each location is transmitted to the iPad during the scan session. The evening of the scan session, the data is uploaded to a cloud server, and by the next day, the completed model is ready, and we will send you a link to use it on all of your online listings.

Length Of Scan Session

3D scan sessions take longer than just photo shoots and depend on the size of the home. The larger the home, the more placements are required to accurately image the home and provide buyers with a logical flow of camera placements to tour the property. On average, the Virtual Home Video Scan technician can image about 1,900 square feet per hour.

Here are several approximate scan time examples (determined by square footage of home)

2,000 sq ft

1.5 hours

4,000 sq ft

2.5 hours

6,000 sq ft

3.5 hours

8,000 sq ft

5 hours

Preparation of the home

The preparation for a 3D scan is pretty much the same as for a photo shoot.
+ Home should be cleaned and free from clutter.
+ All lights should be on.
+ Pets should be removed from the home during the scan.

There are some important additional requirements for 3D scanning. The 3D camera “sees” 360-degrees, taking thousands of images. The model is built in software by aligning the data of every camera placement with those nearby. This alignment is essential to creating the final 3D model.

During the scan:
+ All objects in the home must be left in place during the scan.
+ All doors must stay in the same position during the scan. The decision of including a particular room or area has to be made before the beginning of the scan!

Location Of People and Pets During Scan Session

It’s best to have no other people in the home during the scan because unfortunately the camera will also capture any movement and reflections of mirrors and there’s no way to know until the model is rendered.

If the home can’t be unoccupied while scanning, all persons need to be on a different level during the scan. Otherwise, the model won’t be good. Everyone must stay away from stairwells or overlooks, as the camera may see them.

When the Technician moves onto another level, all persons have to switch floors to another level. Depending on the size of the home, the scan can take up to 3 hours.

Combining a 3D Scan Session and Photo Shoot

If scheduling allows us, we are also able to to do a photo shoot and a 3D scan in one day, but this requires both a 3D Scan Technician and a Photographer at the same time. Because of that, however, they have to operate on two different floors at the same time. That’s the reason that it’s most of the time simply not possible to combine both.

We advise you communicate with the owners that the convenience of scanning and photographing requires them to relocate during the session.

After The Scan Session

The day after the scan session, you will receive an email from Virtual Home Video indicating that the 3D Model is completed. A link is included.

Please note that if you have not yet configured the virtual tour with photos, a single photo will be selected for you so that the Virtual Home Video system can show you the virtual tour with the 3D model included.

We will set the default state of your virtual tour to show the 3D model first. This way, when buyers click the tour link from MLS or, etc., the 3D model will be loaded first.